Ship Simulator Cargo 2022

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Enjoy driving various ships and transporting goods in this Ship Simulator Game. You will be playing as a Ship Captain and your task is to transport various goods and passengers to the destination on time. Being a Ship Captain you have take care of your ship and do not let the ship collie with any other objects or obstacles on you way.

Each level is packed with different adventure and you have different task in each level. Transport Heavy Machines like Excavators, Bull Dozers, Cranes and Tractors to the destination. As you drive make sure these objects don’t fall.

You will also have to transport the passengers. Wait till the passengers are on-board and start sailing. Reach the destination within time and make sure to collect the required stars on the way. Each level will have different target to be achieved and in this Ship Games you have to finish the task to complete the level.

* Amazing Ship Driving Experience
* Smooth and Easy Controls
* Fun to Play
* Multiple Modes
* Many Addictive Levels
* Realistic Environment